NMC Boston Marathon Runners

A hearty Congratulations to those of you who ran Boston- I envy you all!!
My humble apologies in advance to anyone I have missed. If you are not listed- please mail me at webmaster@northmedfordclub.org and I’ll update.

Kate Morin————– 1/2 way2:22:23)(waiver)
Sarah Dennuchuk——5:00:54(waiver)
Donna LeBlanc———-4:28:22(waiver)
Dan Dodson————-5:27:43
Joe DiMucci—————3:29:07
Jim Fay——————–3:33:28
Josh Curtis—————3:17:35
Jon Miganowiz———-3:37:57(waiver)
Steve McAvoy————4:53:04(waiver)
George Graves———-3:56:35
David Audet————–3:15:48
Rick Hebert—————3:35:05
Mark Wigler————–3:41:07
Mike Menovich———–3:32:58
Ron Kmiec—————-4:07:13
Amy Paquette———–4:06:43
Kathie Cioffi————–5:31:54(waiver)
Anthony Cali————-4:30:08(waiver)
Karen Gillespie———-4:13:48
Rich St. Hillare———–3:40:27
Mike Auger—————3:13:42
Nicole Julius————–4:04:55(waiver)
Karma Pilon————–3:36:19(waiver)
Nathan Reynolds——-4:37:41(waiver)
Heidi Caissie————4:25:46(waiver)
Gail Dwyer—————4:25:45(waiver)
Mike Brodeur————4:16:04
Steve Drouin————3:58:23