Congrats to the newest Number 1 Rat!!!

Congratulations to our own Jimmy Impescia on his performance over the last year running the Hockomock Rat Series. On June 27 up in Montpelier Vermont- Jim was crowned the #1 Rat for the 2009-2010(and final) Rat Series.

Photos- Courtesy of Paul McDermott

For those who don’t know what this entails- it is a series of 20 mandatory races(including back to back Marathons)- and 5 to 7 Optional Races. Other NMC members who ran part or all of the series include-
Paul McDermott, Larry Morris, Bob Sullivan, Peter Orni, Ray Boutotte, Ted Ridout, Dan Dodson, Jeff Gould, Jim Gaffney, Jim Fay, and Jim McDermott.

Additional Photos here: