Coming Soon- The Burbank Trails Part 2- Revenge of the Runner

Coming September 12th- Overlook Trail Race
Registration is at Saima Park- and race begins at 10AM at the top of Scott Rd(about 1/4 mile walk).

This race is one of our Fundraiser events- and part proceeds from this race are given to both the North County Land Trust and the Audubon Society.

Looks like we have three events going on:
The 5 Mile Race out and around Overlook Reservoir-
A 5K Running course-
A 5K Walking course-

This looks to be a good-sized event folks- as we will have some FSU
(Fitchburg State University) runners, and a number of runners from Back on My Feet. Back on My Feet is a Boston chapter of homeless foks in the Boston area who have taken to Running.

I should have Google Maps posted soon once we have all routes finalized.