2011 Boston Waivers Awarded

As is customary at our Annual Club Meeting- Boston Marathon Waivers were awarded for 2011. North Medford Club was given 15 for the 2011 Event. Waivers are awarded within the Club to those who promote the sport within the Community and spirit within the Club.

One of our criteria for awarding is Volunteer Points for each year. Volunteers are awarded Club points for working CLUB events such as the Summer-Series and Winter-Series races, Lake Winnipesaukee and Overlook Trail races.

The following are awarded waivers:
Tim Blouin
Steve McAvoy
Denise Lawson
Kathy Cioffi
Craig Reid
Dan Flynn
Mark Wiggler
Anthony Cali
Beth LeBlanc
Scott Janssens
Kristina Sands
Kris Dorsey
Nicole Julius
Sandy Superchi
Lorie Landry