2012 Boston Marathon Waivers (Updated Info 12/12/11)

Waivers for 2012 Boston Marathon: For this year NMC has been given 12 Waivers, and the cost is $300 UNTIL the END of January. On February the 1st- the cost goes up to $350, and anytime after that the BAA can possibly reject the Waiver Application- although they will try to accomodate each submission.

If you are granted a Waiver- you cannot give it to anyone else. If you decide NOT to use it- it MUST be turned back in to NMC through Paul McDermott so that it can be re- awarded to someone else in the Club. These are tracked by number between the Club and the BAA. These are strictly for use by members of the North Medford Running Club.

To be eligible for a waiver you must have volunteer points earned in year 2011. Those with more points get priority. The Coordinator for the volunteer points and waiver grant is Paul McDermott.

To date- there are 15 Club Members who have expressed interest in a waiver. The order they will be handed out in will be determined by the number of Volunteer points received during 2011.

If you are interested in a waiver- please send mail to Paul McDermott