Burbank 5 Mile Update-

Folks- July the 17th is our 5 Mile Trail Run behind Burbank Hospital. Last year we had to re-route the course due to trail clearing by Fitchburg Water Dept.

This year the North County Land Trust is having the area behind Overlook Resv cleared, and there is currently a 6 foot high wall of trees blocking the course. We have been told it is off-limits for this year.

We have removed a rocky, rooty section from between miles 1 and 2, and added in a soft pine needle floor with a steep downhill section. Once you cross the Road and take the Junk Art Trail up to the resv- you will now take a right and go the other way around the resv. These changes now have the course at 5.5 Miles.

Volunteers are MORE than welcome(and needed). I will again have the trails marked with white flour and Orange/black cardboard.

Race starts at 6:30- just beyond the old Emergency room at Burbank Hospital.