ATTN: Everyone Taking the Marathon Bus

We have a very important change in TIME to pass along. This is all courtesy of the new security procedures that the BAA has put into place for Marathon Monday.

The Pickup Times in East Templeton and Orchard Hills will be moved up, and the time the bus can leave HOPKINTON after race start is changing. All Buses must arrive in Hopkinton no later than 7:15AM

If you are getting on the BUS in East Templeton at Wilson Bus- the bus will be ready for boarding at 4:45AM, and must leave by 5AM.

If you are boarding the BUS in Lancaster at Orchard Hills- the Bus will be ready for boarding by 5:30 and must leave by 5:45 AM.

If you are a Spectator taking the bus to Boston- No Buses are permitted to leave Hopkinton until 11:45- which is roughly 30 minutes later than in the past.