NMC Group Mailings-


I have recently sent out a Group message to all regarding the Devens Series Races.
This Email would have been sent by “webmaster”, and the Subject would begin with [Nmcnews], followed by a subject.
The Group email database is something that is hidden from everyone else, and is not kept on the Website. Its content is only as good as what we have for email addresses. I have had a few email “bounces”.

The purpose of Group Emails are to update all for something that is timely, or important to some in the club, and cannot wait for the next Newsletter Update.

If you DID NOT receive this email, and believe you should have- Please send me a message at webmaster@northmedfordclub.org

Please include your name or who membership name is under, city or town, and email address you want the mailing to go to.
Thank You