Winds of Change…

Greetings Folks-
As a result of the recent Election of Officers and Board of Directors- held 1/3/2016- I’d like to announce the following:

President: Sarah Dennechuk Leguelaff
V. President: Mark Fontaine
Treasurer: Marge Gladwin
Secretary: Gail Dwyer
Membership: Deb Fontaine
Web Site Dir: Grant Maloney

Honorary Board of Director: Rene Lavoie

Board of Directors:
Charlie Herbert
Jeff Gould
Joe DiMucci
Tricia Gabor Therrien
Darlene Hoover
Ken Parker
Mike O’Hara
Denise Lawson
Chris Reid
Sue Collura

Congratulations to all!!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank those moving on for their collective years of service to the Club.
Past Newsletter Editor: Donna Leblanc
Past Board Member: Gary Savoie

We have a committee in place looking at how to have a more efficient delivery of timely news, as the Newsletter lent itself to older news. To enable more graphics and photos to be placed on the website- we would need to look at beefing up our Internet Package from our provider as well. We are also looking into a different Facebook page for content.

I have enjoyed the past 6 years as Website Manager- and at this time I’d like to transition over the site to Grant Maloney, with Denise Lawson assisting.

I’d like to welcome Sue Collura to the Board of Directors, Grant Maloney to Web Site Manager, and last, but not least congratulate Sarah in her new role as Club President!

I would also like to thank Mark Fontaine for his leadership over the past 2 years. The Club has in fact grown in Membership durng this time.