Boston Marathon Waivers

Hi Folks-

We have just received a small amount of Waivers for the 2018 Boston Marathon. As many of you know- our allotment has dwindled over the years- and this year North Medford Club has been awarded 4.

These are a Waiver of Time qualification- and are generally handed out to the various local Running clubs each year to help promote. The entry fee with one of these is $360.

When will these be handed out? These will be given out at the January 7th 2018 Bob Hersey Race from the Knights of Columbus in Fitchburg- during our Annual Meeting.

How will they be distributed? These will be awarded to the Club Volunteers who request them in Volunteer Point order! The more volunteer points you have from 2017 events- the better your chances.

At the Annual Meeting there should be a list for those requesting a Waiver to add their name to. If you do not see this- please ask a Club Officer for direction. Your name must be on this list.

How do you know how many Volunteer Points you have? Go to and at the Top of page select Volunteer Points. This will open up an embedded Excel Worksheet (pretty slick eh!!!) maintained by Denise Lawson with information provided by the Event or Race Directors. Oh- and YES- 8 points is the correct amount of points for volunteering at Mt Washington!!!