Fall Events

Halloween Race – Oct. 27
Come run or walk. We dare you!!!

Come join the fun. Our annual Halloween race will be held on October 27 at Embers Pizzeria in Lunenburg, MA. For more information and registration see our flyer here.

Summer Series
Last Summer Series race coming up. Don’t miss it.

October 26 – Saturday, 4C’s Race – 29 Chapel St., Shirley, MA. This 5.7 mile race that begins at 12:10 pm. Runners, you need to wear your club colors, orange and black. There is a potluck lunch after the race, so bring a delicious dish.

See the full Summer Series schedule here.

Jingle Bell Fun 5K Run/Walk

A fun run held on December 15, Sunday, at Embers Pizzeria, 84 Lakefront St. Lunenburg, MA. A 12:30 pm starting time is scheduled. $5 covers your after race food and a great time. Get the flyer here.

Track workouts with Coach Jim.
***Change in time and place.***

Starting August 29th, track workouts will be held at the Dolye Field on Thursdays beginning at 5:30 pm.  A warmup of at least 15 minute before starting is suggested.  Runners should be running at least 20 miles per week.  Workouts are usually about an hour. For further information contact Coach Jim at srunshope@aol.com.