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NMC's 2.5 & 5 Mile Fresh Pond Events

Race FAQ's
Frequently asked questions about the Fresh Pond Races

-Where does the race start? The race starts directly across from the 
Cambridge Chevrolet dealership at the pump station. 

- Starting time?  10 AM 

- How often? Every Saturday, year round. 52 weeks 

- Entry Fees, T-shirts? No entry fee or T-shirts to fill your closet. 

- Prizes? None. However, if you make the top 5 finishers (male and female) 
	  you'll get your name in the Boston Sunday Globe sports section. 

- Where is the best place to park? Cambridge Chevrolet across the street from 
the pump house -- start. 

- Starting times (are they different for the 5M and 2.5 M)? All start 
together. The 5 is two laps. 10AM. 

- Entry Fee? none. There are no entry blanks. All post enter at the start. 

- Are there bathrooms in the vicinity? There are woods available. Don't 
count on real ones! 

- How many run?  Under 50. Depending on the weather. 

- What is the course like (flat, hilly, paved, trails, etc.)? Incredibly 
flat and paved (around the reservoir) with a little rise near the end of 
each loop. 

- How can I get there? 

The Alewife "T" stop on the Red line is the closest you can get to Fresh Pond. 
You'll have to walk approx. a half mile when leaving the station. 

Exit the station on the right and head down the sidewalk and over a new bridge. 
The Fresh Pond shopping center will be on your left. There will be a "rotary" 
directly in front of you as you proceed -- bear left at the rotary and you will 
actually be able to see the Fresh Pond reservoir and running course to your 
right. Continue along the grass (there is no sidewalk yet although one is being 

If you still need more information, call 617-381-0532