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Mountain Biking @ Lake Dennison

Joe Dimucci is gathering a group of folks who want to di some Trail and Croass Country riding in the Lake Dennison area on Thursday nights. The riding is not technical- and is mostly on fire-roads and trails.

Meetup will be Thursday evenings at 6PM form the Boat launch @ Dennison. For more info- contact Joe or Jim Fay 508-846-5765

2013 Summer Race Schedule

Our 2013 Summer Race Schedule is now posted. Page 1 is the list of NMC Races, while Page 2 is a listing of other Races hosted by NMC members. Page 2 is NOT a part of any of NMC's Grand Prix series. They are not free races for members.

  • NMC 2013 Summer Race Series  (.pdf)
  • 1st Annual Box Trot 5K

    Fresh off the heels of our very successful Shamrocks St Patty's Race- North Medford Club will be adding another new 5K during the Summer. This will be hosted by Kenny Ricker at his other establishment in Leominster- The Luxury Box on Central St.

    Race will be held Sunday August 4th, and will feature a 5K Run and Walk. There will be shirts, and a Feed, as well as prizes and raffles.
    Benefit for this race will be for donation to Leominster High School Track Facility.
    I will have advance electronic registration up shortly.
    Application Here:

  • The Box Trot 5K 2013
  • Donations for Leominster High School Track

    The following is reprinted from the Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise- written by Jack Minch

    Running club goes distance for new Leominster track
    By Jack Minch, Sentinel & Enterprise

    LEOMINSTER -- The North Medford Running Club gave the Leominster School Department a running start on an ambitious goal Tuesday to build a track and athletic field behind Leominster High School.

    Club board member Dr. Mark Fontaine presented Superintendent of Schools James Jolicoeur and Leominster Education Foundation board member Jennifer Maguy a $1,000 check toward the construction of a track and field.

    With the entire project estimated to cost $2.9 million, the running club's donation is just the first blade of grass in a big field, but Jolicoeur is hoping it helps raise awareness.

    "We're trying to get some momentum building an athletic field behind Leominster High School," he said. "This is a project that has been talked about for a long time."

    A new track and field could also be used for lacrosse, soccer or football practice, Jolicoeur said.

    The track and field, as well as an early-childhood center for the School Department, are the Leominster Education Foundation's priorities, Jolicoeur said.

    Girls track coach Karen Marino welcomed the first donation after hearing about it Tuesday.

    "I think that's an excellent idea," she said. "We've been needing one. We want to give our kids a fair chance. We're going against really big schools and really talented schools."

    The high school's track-and-field team is competing at a disadvantage to other schools without a home turf, Marino said.

    "We're in desperate need of a track," she said. "We haven't had a home meet in probably 10 or more years."

    The team practices at Doyle Field, but that field is open to the public so runners dodge an occasional walker or bicyclist, and the javelin throwers must keep an eye out for soccer games in the field.

    There are no lanes in which to practice sprints, and runners can't use spikes because the surface is asphalt and they often suffer shin splints.

    The running club held a St. Patrick's Day 5K road race in Lunenburg and directed part of the proceeds toward the high-school field, Fontaine said.

    "We wanted to get people aware of the need," he said.

    The club is planning another road race at the Luxury Box on Central Street and will again donate part of the proceeds to the track, Fontaine said.

    "The committee has decided this will be our beneficiary as long as possible," he said. "Hopefully, we'll be able to build enough momentum to work with the city and fulfill this project in the future."

    Applications for the road race will be available on the club's website, and at

    Follow Jack Minch on Facebook and Twitter @JackMinch.

    2013 Fred Brown Lake Winnipesaukee Relay Registration

    We are a GO!!! Registration is up and running- Yeah- that big REGISTER ONLINE button just to the LEFT!!!

    Shirts are being designed, and negotiations are working for music, beer and wine- PLEASE Stay Tuned.

    Packet Pickup this year will be Friday evening 9/6 at the Tavern inside the Funspot.

    2013 NMC Winter Series Grand Prix Results

    The 2013 NMC Winter Series has come and gone and along with it the challenging weather conditions which put its particular stamp on this year’s series. Two storms caused the cancellation of the Danvers race and the rescheduling of the Donnelly’s race. Despite that 71 club members, 42 men and 29 women, participated in at least one event. Four club members, our Ironmen and Ironwomen, participated in all seven races. Congratulations to perennial Ironman Charlie Salmond, first time Ironman Joe DiMucci, Marge Gladwin (hard to imagine that this is her first time), and most impressive octogenarian MaryLou Crohan. Well done all. They will be presented with NMC jackets or have their jackets embroidered with their achievement. A minimum participation of 5 of 7 races was needed to score for overall places in the series standings. Scoring the best 5 of 7 races in the series tabulated individual results. Age group awards were given to the total points in each age group. Once again, congratulations to all.
    The NMC Summer Series is scheduled to begin June 4th with the running of the Bob Hersey Memorial 5M Road Race. We will be making a change in the scoring for the Grand Prix Series this summer. In the past we have required participation in 75% of the races. With the very extensive number of races we have each summer the NMC Board of Directors voted to change that requirement to 50% plus one race. The intention is to encourage more of our club members to participate in the Grand Prix Series. The final summer schedule will be out by early May.

    2013 NMC Winter Series Grand Prix Results

    Men: #Races 5/7 Races Total Points
    Jeff Gould 5 488.12 pts 488.12 pts
    Tim Blouin 5 466.63 pts 466.63 pts
    Charlie Salmond 7 450.64 pts 613.31 pts

    Donna LeBlanc 6 460.45 pts 541.77 pts
    Lisa Stone-Mutti 5 452.39 pts 452.39 pts
    Marge Gladwin 7 384.98 pts 504.62 pts

    Age Groups
    16-29 Jon Miganowicz 393.52 pts
    30-39 John Kinee 100 pts
    40-49 Jeff Gould 488.12 pts
    50-59 Mike O’Hara 495.15 pts
    60-69 Charlie Salmond 613.31 pts
    70-79 Ken Becker 240.67 pts

    16-29 Alyssa Lombardi 189.25 pts
    30-39 Amy Fallon 256.68 pts
    40-49 Lisa Stone-Mutti 452.39 pts
    50-59 Donna LeBlanc 541.77 pts
    70-79 MaryLou Crohan 389.92 pts

    Joe DiMucci
    Charlie Salmond

    Marylou Crohan
    Marge Gladwin

    NMC Dues for 2013 and DataBase Cleanup!!

    Over the last week or so- we have been cleaning up our master Email list. We compared our LATEST Club Membership and the Database- and this resulted in a few folks being removed from email.

    If you have NOT paid your dues for this year- you are no longer on email distribution. The Spring Newsletter was the first item sent to all.

    Lake Winni Relay-

    I know some of you are getting anxious about the Fred Brown Lake Winnipesaukee Relay(our 25th year this year)- but we are not ready to turn on or the Page yet- we have some details needing finalization.
    Suffice it to say Winni is on our Calendar this year for Saturday September 7th- this is the Saturday AFTER Labor Day.

    Devens SPRING Race Series Begins!!!

    So SPRING has SPRUNG!!! We are in sight of April 1st, and we are beginning our DEVENS Race Series this coming Wednesday evening April 3rd at 6:15. The cost is $2 for ALL Club Members, and $4 for non-members.
    April Races begin at 6:15, and May Races begin at 6:30

    Please see attached flyer for more info.

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