20th Annual Sugarloaf Marathon Sunday May 19, 2002

NMC women were in attendence. Deb Barry, Deb Willard-Parker and Lisa Wiita
Deb Barry    Lisa Wiita
Deb Willard-Parker  Start of the race

A few NMC men were also present.
Phil McGaw    Rick Hersey

I saw Bruce Migell there, but I was not able to get a photo of him before the event. I also saw Rich Craigen but he was too fast to get a photo of! The finish place and times of the NMC members who finished were:

15 Place overall and seventh in his age group - Rich Craigen - 2:57:43.4
2nd Place Woman Overall, First in her age group - Lisa Wiita - 3:05:10.7
3rd Place Woman Overall, Second in her age group - Deb Barry - 3:07:33.4
10th Place Woman Overall, Third in her age group - Deb Willard-Parker- 3:32:21.8
Third in his age group was Rick Hersey - 3:22:17.7
Seventh in his age group was Bruce Migell - 4:48:39.5

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