Merrimac Handicap 7 Miler

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NMC Winter Series
Merrimac MA
February 20, 2000

This was a handicap event. Each runner was asked to estimate or predict the
time it would take them to complete the race. Based on this estimate, each
was given a head start of an according proportion. This meant that the
fastest runners (assuming an honest estimate) left the starting line last.
Then they would be in a position to have to catch the rest of the field.
Therefore, if all runners gave an accurate prediction of their pace, they
would all be nearing the finish line at approximately the same time. The
runners are listed in the order that they actually crossed the finish line.
The times listed are the actual times that each runner took to complete the
race. It is debatable as to who the actual winners were. Four runners were
less than a minute from their predicted times: Joe Gurczak(16 seconds), Mike
McCormick(26seconds), John Webber(30 seconds), and Jim Imprescia (58 seconds)

1.Brad TrullBoxford MA2550:52-
2.John RobertsonLynn MA7494:26NMC
3.Sandy ImpresciaLeominster MA5680:31NMC
4.Jodi-Lyn CoutureFitchburg MA4049:13NMC
5.Loren SiebertPepperell MA3646:12NMC
6.Dave RosaniaRye NH4547:43-
7.Ken ParkerFitchburg MA4453:00NMC
8.Alan CoutureFitchburg MA4454:58NMC
9.Deb SpencerFitchburg MA3953:07NMC
10.Louise RosettiSaugus MA7897:00NMC
11.Joe GurczakNewburyport MA3242:16-
12.Mike McCormickNewburyport MA4142:26-
13.John WebberAmesbury MA4246:00-
14.Jim ImpresciaLeominster MA5144:43NMC
15.Julian SiegalLexington MA7170:30NMC
16.Charlie HebertSouthborough MA3546:50-
17.Bill HaskellSterling MA5162:57NMC
18.Ray BoutottePepperell MA5457:51NMC
19.Roger PerhamHamilton MA5250:07NMC
20.Jim GaffenyLeominster MA4857:36NMC
21.Bob AucoinSeabrook NH5874:12NMC (Race Walked)
22.Ken RobichaudBrookline NH4772:00NMC
23.Tom McDonoughNahant MA7580:20NMC
24.Ken TaylorW. Newbury MA5699:11NMC
25.Marge GladwinWestford MA4667:26NMC