It's good to see Art French back and running strong in 42:50.

Here's Brain Slattery finishing in 46:54

Bruce Migell running 50:06

Charley Salmond finishing 5th in 34:12

Just ahead of Charley was Jason Reed

Deb Barry winning AGAIN in 35:38

Woman Master's winner Deb Spencer in 39:49

Richard Hawkins & Kathy Cioffi

Jim Gaffney in 43:41

Lisa Wiita takes third in 37:51

Marisa Cawley was second woman in 37:21

Steve Terrien ran a 50:59

Phil McGaw in at 38:45

Rick Hersey (Bob's brother) runs 39:21

Steve MacAvoy - 47:40

Anthony Cali & Joyce Gosselin

Peter Dennechuk (Woody) in 45:15