Gardner Fish & Gun Club
June 20, 2006

The sky was dark and a storm threatened when the race began at 7 p.m.
Race volunteers & spectators watched with increasing concern as the lightening
intensified. With the sound of thunder rumbling overheard, we knew that soon
the darkening skies would open and the 36 runners who were out on the course
would be in for quite an adventure. The heavy rain began quickly, and several
volunteers got in their cars in search of runners who may want to get out of the
threatening conditions. There were few takers. The majority of runners finished
the Tom Boone Memorial 10K amidst a torrential downpour, while lightning lit up
the sky and thunder provided dramatic sound effects, providing an unforgettable
summer racing experience.

1.	Brad Fors		Ashby, MA		36:34
2.	Dave Audet		Concord, NH		37:05
3.	Steve Penney		Gardner, MA		38:42
4.	Jonathan Miganowicz	Templeton, MA		40:20
5.	Shawn White		Templeton, MA		40:21
6.	Jeff Gould		Westminster, MA		40:42
7.	Jim Imprescia		Leominster, MA 		41:09
8.	Charlie Salmond		Fitchburg, MA		41:48
9.	Bryan Johnson		Winchendon, MA		43:44
10.	Tim Blouin		Winchendon, MA		45:45
11.	Michael Weinberg	Worcester, MA		45:49
12.	Mark Fontaine		Leominster, MA		46:02
13.	Peter Orni		Ashburnham, MA 		46:06
14.	Tom Spinelli		Leominster, MA		46:49
15.	*Kris Gleason* 1st F    Leominster, MA		47:42
16.	Jim Gaffney		Leominster, MA		48:18
17.	Rick Hersey		Medford, MA		48:34
18.	Bill Peters		Manchester, NH		48:52
19.	Paul Breault		Gardner, MA		49:12
20.	Craig Twohey		Phillipston, MA		49:25
21.	Phil Archambault	Littleton, MA		49:44
22.	Peter Dennechuk		Westford, MA		49:46
23.	*Darlene Hoover*	Sterling, MA		50:15
24.	* Amy Paquette*		Worcester, MA		50:28
25.	Steve McAvoy		Everett, MA		50:42	
26.	Dave Manca		East Templeton		52:21
27.	Phil McGaw 1st Titanium Hip	Shirley, MA	52:44
28.	*Lori Berkey*		Shrewsbury, MA		52:57
29.	Julien Siegel		Lexington, MA		69:38
30.	Russ Syrjala		Athol, MA		1:28:22
31.	John Robertson		Lynn, MA		1:42:00

The following people also ran, but didnít turn in times:
	Marge Gladwin		Westford, MA
	Deb Fontaine		Leominster, MA
	Marilou Crohan		Leominster, MA
	George Corff		Stowe, MA
	Brian Slattery		Fitchburg, MA	
RACE DIRECTORS: Cindy Beaudoin & Carol Allain

THANKS TO THE VOLUNTEERS: Jim Fay, Robert Lalli, Gladys & Joe Hoover, 
                          Simone McGrath, Deb Wallgren, Russ Syrjala, Dave Duval,
                          Rene Lavoie, Charlie Herbert, Steven Brooks, Marge Gladwin