About NMC

NMC is the second oldest running club in America, founded in 1933 by the legendary Fred Brown. We strive to maintain a tradition of low cost, no frill racing. Our club sponsors both a winter and summer series of races. The winter races are held on Sunday afternoons at various locations in southern NH and eastern MA. In the summer, races are held on Tuesday nights at similar locations. We run (and race walk) because we love the sport. Come join us!!!

Mark Fontaine President mark.fontaine@comcast.net
Mike O’Hara Vice President oharamike56@gmail.com
Marge Gladwin Treasurer roadrunner_415@yahoo.com
Sarah Dennechuk LeGuelaff Secretary sdennechuk@gmail.com
Lori Berkey Membership Director loricharlieh@aol.com
Denise Lawson Website Director deniselawson.mail@gmail.com
Board of Directors:
Sue Collura sue.collura@gmail.com
John Collura jmc796@verizon.net
Joe DiMucci jdimucci5@comcast.net
Jeff Gould twentyquarters@comcast.net
Trish Gabor Therrien tlgabor@aol.com
Charlie Herbert loriandcharlie@townisp.com
George Higgins georgemoe@zoho.com
Ken Parker kenprkr@yahoo.com
Jim Shope srunshope@aol.com